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MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) is the name of a technology being standardized by the IETF with support from and partly based on requirements from the ITU-T. The other cornerstones for MPLS-TP incorporate requirements brought directly to the IETF by services providers.

The IETF has organized a design team to lead and coordinate the MPLS-TP standardization, the MEAD team (MPLS Interoperability Design Team).

Mail list

The following Mail list is used to discuss MPLS-TP related issues.

Mail list

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes

MPLS-TP Internet Drafts and RFCs

Internet Drafts and RFCs list

Dependencies Table between ITU-T SG15 MPLS-TP draft Recommendations and the corresponding IETF

Boilerplate for MPLS-TP Internet-Drafts

Liaison history and Useful Links

Liaison Summary shows the liaisons on MPLS-TP occurred between the IETF and the ITU-T.

http://trac.tools.ietf.org/misc/mpls-tp-mib/wiki, a wiki has been set up to coordinate the work on the gap analysis for MPLS-TP MIBs.

MPLS-TP Steering Group

An MPLS-TP Steering Group has been established to oversee the management aspects of the work. The group is chaired by Malcolm Betts <Malcolm.BETTS@zte.com.cn> and Adrian Farrel <adrian.farrel@huawei.com>.

Members of the group hold management positions in the ITU-T and IETF. The objective of the group is to coordinate the work schedule, ensure that liaisons are up-to-date, and to resolve any issues and hot-spots.

The group will meet roughly once a month. Anyone with any concerns about process, schedules, or communications should bring their issues to any member of the group for inclusion on the next agenda.

MPLS-TP Steering Group Members


The MEAD Team was closed on Monday 5th October 2009. All IETF MPLS-TP work is now carried out on the MPLS-TP mailing list.

Information about the MEAD Team

MEAD Team Chair

Loa Andersson <loa@pi.nu>

MEAD Team Secretary

The MEAD team secretary is Elisa Bellagamba <elisa.bellagamba@ericsson.com>

MEAD Team Information

MEAD Team Minutes and Meeting Notes

Meeting notes